Blanchard Gold Review

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Blanchard has been in the business of providing a variety of products and services to investors interested in maximizing profits and capital for more than three decades. They are known in the industry for their experts specializing in precious metal IRAs.

The company is based in New Orleans and is one of the leading companies in this space when it comes to teaching clients about navigating the world of investing.

They take pride in providing proper information to their clients to help them make informed decisions. The company’s roll of experts includes numismatic experts, economists as well as rarities and precious metals consultants.

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Background Information on Blanchard & Company Gold

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Jim Blanchard is known as the man who helped in paving the way for many Americans to be able to leverage coins and precious metals for enhancing and protecting their wealth.

He was one of the leaders of the grassroots nationwide movement focused on legalizing ownership of gold. He believed that ownership of gold is a right of the Americans and is the key to building and maintaining prosperity.

Nobody has been able to match the colorful marketing campaigns of the company.

He is also known for flying a banner that said Legalize Gold during the second inauguration of President Nixon. Also, he was known for brandishing gold bars at press conferences that were held across the country, and he openly dared authorities to arrest him.

Once President Ford accorded legal status to private gold ownership, Blanchard opened his gold investment company in 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and named it Blanchard and Company Inc.

Blanchard Gold Services Offered 

The history of the company gives it almost matchless expertise when it comes to helping individuals build a portfolio.  

They sit with their clients to fully understand the objectives of their investment, the time horizon as well as their risk appetite before they consider recommending products.  

If you want to have a good experience, it is recommended to get in touch with one of their portfolio managers and discuss your requirements to avoid making an unprofitable purchase.

The company can also help you gain knowledge on a wide range of investment topics including diversification, gold and silver storage, inheritance, IRAs, and other factors that may affect the metals markets.

Basics of Investing in Rare Coins

  • Stick with quality

You should always choose to invest in high-quality rare coins even if they are fewer in number as compared to buying higher numbers of low-quality coins. You will get an even greater return if you can buy a complete set of high-quality coins.

  • Scarcity

As per the data gathered by the Numismatic Guarantee Corp. and the Professional Coin Grading Service, the scarcest coins tend to be the coin issues that have the least number of coins in existence.

Demand is directly related to scarcity and helps in maintaining coin value without any regard to the economic conditions.

  • Look for Stoppers and Sleepers

Sleepers is the term used for defining rare coins that are undervalued even though they are rare.

Stoppers is a term used to define coins that have been the most difficult to complete a set. If you can get your hands on any of these coins, you’re likely to get an exponential return.

  • Take advantage of experienced professionals

When it comes to buying rare coins, you should take the help of experienced professionals. It needs a highly trained eye to identify such opportunities which is not the case with bullion coins as they are always bought in bulk.

  • Certification is important

It is recommended to only invest in rare coins that have been certified, graded, and sealed in a plastic case by either NGC or PCGS. It makes sure the coins are authentic and have the necessary qualifications but also makes them easier to sell.

What is a Gold IRA?

It works similar to a traditional individual retirement account with the only difference being that it can hold physical precious metals including gold for investment.

The only difference between this type of IRA and a traditional IRA is that it holds physical items such as bullion coins or bars instead of paper assets.

In most cases, precious metal IRAs tend to be self-directed IRAs which is a type of IRA where the custodian typically has a more diverse set of investments in the account.

Currently, four types of metals are allowed to be bought in the precious metals IRA including palladium, platinum, silver, and gold.

These have to be in the form of products that are approved by IRAs. In most precious metal IRAs, gold tends to be the most common purchase, and this is why gold IRA is often used for defining a retirement account that may contain various precious metals. 

It is also known by various other terms such as palladium IRA, platinum IRA, silver IRA, or precious metals IRA.

Precious metals are often used by investors as a haven to protect their wealth from inflation as well as for diversifying their portfolios.

The IRS code also requires the storage of precious metals in a particular manner. Some investors like to use their storage for keeping precious metals whereas others prefer using a third party.

IRA Approved Gold

four gold bars with prices

There was a time when precious metals IRAs could hold only American Eagle silver and gold coins but times have changed. Today, these accounts can invest in palladium, platinum, silver, and gold bullion and coins that are approved by IRS.

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 significantly expanded the holdings that could be included in your precious metals IRA.

Today you can hold one tenth, one quarter, one half, or one ounce US gold coins as well as 1-ounce silver coins issued by the Treasury Department in your account. Some foreign coins are also allowed.

The precious metals also need to meet certain purity requirements. Gold needs to be 99.5% pure whereas palladium and platinum also need to be 99.95% pure. For silver, the minimum purity requirement is 99.9%.

The coins, rounds, or bars need to be produced by a manufacturer, assayer, or a refiner that has been certified/accredited by a national government mint, COMEX, or NYMEX.

When it comes to proof coins, they need to be packaged in their original packaging and should be in excellent condition and should also include their certificate of authenticity.

The small bullion bars, other than the 50-ounce platinum, 100-ounce palladium, 1000-ounce silver, 100-ounce gold, and 400-ounce gold, should meet the exact weight specifications.

If there are no-proof bullion coins, they should be in uncirculated condition and should not have any damage.

Selling Precious Metals to Blanchard

If you want to sell your current precious metal holdings, you can give them a call at 1 - 866 – 764 – 9135 to get a hold of the current bid price.

To provide a quote, the numismatic experts of the company have to list the item on the open market, and you may have to wait for 48 hours to get a valuation. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and not a final offer.

Once they provide a quote, they will start working on making a formal offer and this would require you to ship the items to the company for physical inspection.

When you’re sending the package to the post office, make sure it is properly insured and registered. Don’t forget to notify the company about the shipment.

Once the company has received your holdings, the experts will inspect every single coin against its expected condition and grade. After confirming the necessary details, the portfolio manager will finish the required paperwork.

Once they have processed your order, they will send you a check for the agreed amount through regular US mail.

Advantages of Investing in Precious Metals

  • Diversification

Ask any financial planner or advisor and they will recite hundreds of benefits of diversification. If you want a diversified portfolio, you need to get gold and silver.

While most financial professionals do not like to talk about gold and silver for diversification as they are mainly focused on paper assets such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and stocks.

If they do recommend tangible assets, they typically focus on real estate and other assets such as collectibles, cars, and similar things.

It doesn’t happen all the time but when there is a major economic crisis, most finance professionals recommend including gold and silver in a portfolio. However, in most cases, they don’t recommend these precious metals.

You need to understand that times are changing, and this is why you should have an adaptable attitude towards your portfolio. Regardless of the economic situation, you should always have some gold and silver in your possession.

During bad economic times, you will find that precious metals provide a lot of value.

  • Privacy

Privacy isn’t what it used to be and these days, it’s not that difficult to get details about anybody’s assets and holdings.

However, you need to be wary of certain types of people including snoopy relatives or thieves and this is why you should do everything to guard your privacy. Gold and silver can help you achieve that.

  • Portability

There could be a time when you need to leave your country or your home, and gold and silver become a source of portable wealth in such times. It is one of the biggest appeals of precious metals as you can always carry them with you.

As a form of portable wealth, gold has been used as such by the wealthy throughout history.

Whenever there is a change in the political system or political parties of some countries, a segment of the population might need to flee.

There are parts of the world where these changes happen frequently and one of the aspects of survival in such cases is the individual’s ability to be mobile.

Mobility is a virtue in today’s increasingly unstable work. A few gold coins are easily worth thousands of dollars, and you can easily carry them with you.

  • Good for Retirement

It is estimated that retirement concerns will reach a peak in 2020 to 2030.

Due to the underfunding of pensions due to payroll taxes shortfall as well as continuous ups and downs of the market and the increasing cost of pensions and retirees, times are going to be tough for millions of retirees shortly.

All these difficulties range from Social Security shortfalls to municipal funding shortfalls to corporate ones.

The government at the state and federal levels is likely to spend more money to take care of this deficit but that is likely to result in inflation and various other problems.

This is why retirees should have gold in their retirement account as this metal will hold its value and will keep you safe once the crisis hits.

Preserve Wealth in Down Markets

A bear market is a term used to define the trend when the stock prices decline by 20% or more. If you take a close look at the past bear markets, you will find that one of the assets that have held strong is gold.

It performs well during bear markets and is capable of retaining its value during such times. 

Bear markets are also known to be deflationary. The prices of services and consumer goods tend to either decline or remain flat however, currencies seem to hold their value during such times.

History shows that gold always retains its value in such times. Gold performed exceedingly well during the Great Depression of the 1930s as well as in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

Blanchard Gold — Is it a Scam?

No, Blanchard Gold is not a scam, it is a reputable company. They have been active in this industry for more than four decades which counts as an accomplishment.

They offer gold coins, and gold bullion as well as an online service to roll over existing 401(k)s to a silver or gold IRA. They also offer platinum and palladium bullion for investment in precious metals. Also, they specialize in rare coins.


The company has been in business since 1975 which makes it one of the oldest companies involved in precious metals in the United States.

Also, the founder of the company was a part of the group of Americans whose efforts led to Americans being given the freedom to invest in precious metals during the 1970s.

Blanchard Gold is a decent company, but they are not the best option for individual precious metals purchases and definitely not the best choice for investors looking to protect their wealth with a gold IRA.

There are much better choices like the ones we have written about, and recommend, on this website.

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