First Fidelity Reserve Review

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First Fidelity Reserve is one of the precious metal dealers that allow clients to sell and buy silver and gold coins along with a few rare coins.

This company has been in business for more than 25 years and offers superlative services and provides a range of educational materials and articles to help you build confidence and a solid foundation in knowledge before you decide to invest.

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First Fidelity Reserve Background

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First Fidelity Reserve was founded in 1988 and started in Beaumont, Texas. Since this firm differentiated itself in the way of focusing on very specific coins and precious metals, it managed to create a very unique niche in this sector.

This provided a way for clients to build long-term investment strategies that have "stood the test of time".  For instance, this firm specializes in certified and rare U.S. coins which include the $3 historic Indian Princess and various other well-known designs.

The range they have on offer is balanced out by the inclusion of Canadian Maple Leafs, American Eagles, and a couple of other sought-after options.

Since it opened its doors, FFR has helped thousands of clients in America interested in purchasing valuable and rare coins. This strategic approach has provided the exact support that clients require, which is mainly contributed to the team of numismatic experts on staff.

This narrow focus has also helped First Fidelity Reserve to provide exceptional services and the firm has since expanded into among the most respected and largest precious metals companies of valuable and rare coins within the American marketplace.

Even though FFR is more than 25 years old, this firm has kept abreast with the latest technical advancements, with the use of handy links to trading networks online and the use of current methodologies when it comes to the purchase or bidding of products.

Due to these skills, rates that clients are offered are always competitive, while acquisition also occurs promptly. At the same time, the workforce has doubled in the past 7 years to provide top-rated services to its ever-growing client base.

To provide education to people that are just entering this interesting and exciting marketplace and to offer consistent informational updates to their existing client base, newspapers, articles, and free books are on offer.

This provides a way for savvy and seasoned investors to stay up to date with the latest trends or any changes in the marketplace of rare coins.

First Fidelity has established a solid reputation that ensures that every transaction remains private and confidential. The firm has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Since the year 1988, this company has provided services to more than 109,000 clients and transacted more than $480 million.

Reasons Work with First Fidelity Reserve

Clients need assurance that they have chosen the right experts when dealing with their retirement savings or investments. Fortunately, Dr. Mike Fuljenz, is one of the experts on board at First Fidelity.

He has more than four decades of extensive experience in this sector and has taught many seminars on the correct way to grade valuables such as coins. He is also frequently the author of various guides that some of the other precious metal dealers read.

Even though the market relating to rare coins, silver, and gold frequently undergoes volatility, Dr. Mike Fuljenz has the experience and expertise to offer the best advice to clients so that they can achieve the most value from their investments.

Due to his long-standing reputation, Dr. Fuljenz, and other team members at FFR are frequently provided with the opportunities for the very first selection of any new entries that are introduced to the marketplace.

This provides their existing clients with a significant advantage.  At the same time, FFR holds an expansive inventory, and clients are guaranteed timely fulfillment when it comes to orders.

Lastly, the prices this company pays out for coins are one of the highest when it comes to this sector.

Product Range from First Fidelity Reserve

four gold coins

Just a few of the gold products provided by FFR include the following:

• The $3 Indian Princess
• The 2022 1oz Old American Buffalo
• The Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo
• A comprehensive range of American Gold Eagles that include the 2022 $50, $25, $10, and $5 versions

Dr. Fuljenze states that currently, bullion gold coins are one of the most versatile types of legal, liquid tender in the world.

The American Eagle coins are only minted from gold extracted from American mines, and their content, purity, and weight are guaranteed and approved by the U.S. Government.

The silver products provided by FFR include the following:

• Buffalo Silver Rounds
• The Morgan Silver Dollar
• The Kennedy Silver Half Dollar
• The $1 American Silver Eagle
• The Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, the South African Krugerrand, and the Austrian Philharmonic

Silver has become extremely popular among many investors since it is a much more affordable investment when compared to gold. It also provides collectors with options when it comes to rare coins.

FFR also has a range of rare coins on sale like the 1908 $2.50 Gold Indian and a range of other Indian Gold coins, coins found on shipwrecks, $3 Princess coins, specialty coins, along with a few platinum and palladium options.

Precious Metals Investing Strategy

First Fidelity helps its clients to establish a solid and reliable strategy when it comes to maximizing their profits while keeping their losses to a minimum.

This particular strategy is focused on four coin types that have historical importance and these have often experienced significant price increases.

Two of the favorite coins included in this strategy are the Half Eagle and Indian Head Quarter coins since they are highly unique. Today, two of the more modern coins are now included on this list, since these are very likely to become rare.

The advice is to invest in these coins before their value goes up. 

While there aren't any guarantees that the performance in the past is going to replicate, many experts believe and expect that the prices of gold will carry on rising, which is why investing in the perennial favorites is often seen as a wise and excellent strategy.

Experience Matters at First Fidelity Reserve

Dr. Michael Fuljenz, has proudly won more than 60 awards which contributed to the expertise he has in the sector of precious metals and rare coins, and areas relating to consumer protection and education.

He has a passion for this particular marketplace, and it is easy to see when it comes to the focus, he has on offering excellent and thorough education materials and articles for clients.

He also offers the best strategic advice and helps clients to obtain the very best deals possible.  He was also once one of the consultants to the Federal Trade Commission, the Royal Canadian, and the U.S. mints, along with numerous other agencies.

Over and above his expertise relating to rare coins and precious metals, Dr. Fuljenz is also a highly respected leader in the community of Beaumont, Texas.

Tips On How to Buy Gold

To begin with, FFR provides a range of guides and learning materials to assist new customers to navigate through what may appear daunting. There are several ways in which you can choose to invest in or buy gold.

One of the ways is to invest in Gold Eagles or any other coins that the government is currently issuing. One of the benefits of this approach is the lower markups when you compare them to rare coins.

There is also a range of readily available sizes, which might make this option more affordable.

The next method of investing in gold involves purchasing rare coins. While the costs per ounce will be higher, the rarity will guarantee a demand from new investors and collectors.

Even if the gold prices drop, there are always going to be buyers when it comes to certain collectibles.

There is also gold IRAs. These accounts provide similar benefits to other IRA types and have become a popular option for a range of investors that would like to plan for their retirement without having to have safety concerns about storing their precious metals.

Precious Metals IRA with First Fidelity Reserve

Even though the market for precious metals has been known to be volatile, when it comes to the "long-term" these assets have the potential to offer noteworthy gains and offer a reliable hedge, especially when paper-backed assets such as stocks and bonds are down.

This is why it is wise for investors to make sure that they have a percentage of their portfolio invested in retirement accounts, which can help to weather potential financial volatility during and before retirement.

Fortunately, securing a Gold or Precious Metals IRA is somewhat simple especially when you work with First Fidelity.

All that is required is to complete an application, have your funds rolled over from your current IRA, and chat with one of the experts working for this company so that they can help customize a strategy that works for you.

Why Choose Gold Now?

For many years, gold was within the doldrums. Yet several very recent "Black Swan" events have drastically changed this dynamic. To begin with, the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Now the inflation rate is rising rapidly with much lower interest rates which have started to erode the value associated with savings accounts. The stock market has also experienced a recent decline, and there is a crisis in the supply chains.

There is also an ongoing war that very might likely escalate.  These factors are what should make it easy to see why gold investment is a good idea. It can provide a reliable hedge against uncertainty and inflation which makes it highly attractive during this time of crisis.

Certain experts are comparing these latest conditions to what happened from 2008 to 2009 which resulted in a massive price increase in 2011.

Online Reviews

Even though First Fidelity Reserve has mainly received positive reviews and they have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB, they have received its fair share of negative reviews.

Positive reviews often mention how the company imparts sound advice and information, efficient delivery when it comes to purchases, and the company's excellent pricing.

Negative reviews about the company typically involve the high-powered sales approaches that some team members use, and not being able to reach certain people working for the firm.

However, it does appear that there are a lot more positive reviews when compared to negative ones, and most clients are happy with the services they received along with the competitive prices.

Is First Fidelity Reserve a Scam?

It is advisable before you invest any of your hard-earned money with a dealer, which includes First Fidelity Reserve, to do your homework. Go to the BBB rating of the company, check for any complaints, read any online reviews, or chat with an expert in the field.

You should also compare and analyze the pricing options from at least three to four competitors before you make a final decision. 

First Fidelity has been in business for more than 25 years and they have a solid track record relating to a client base that continues to grow, which means this company is not a scam.


As the precious metal prices continue to go up and up, it would be wise to start investing in this particular area as soon as you can. First Fidelity Reserve has its unique niche which is appealing to many different types of investors.

It is focused on a select number of products and then concentrates on these which ensures that its clients receive expertise and exemplary services. The 3 investment options on offer include an IRA, rare coins, and government-issued coins.

There are also lots of educational materials and articles made available on First Fidelity's website which help clients to make informed decisions.

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