Monetary Gold Review

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Set up in the summer months of 2000, Monetary Gold has become an accredited retailer of precious metals among specialists.

It offers premium solutions for gold and silver while protecting clients from other avenues that are not as reliable.

When it comes to staying protected and getting your hands on the right type of solution, this is the way to go.

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What is Monetary Gold?

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Monetary Gold is a world-class precious metals firm that focuses on precious metals IRAs or gold IRAs.

The company was set up in 2000 and has continued to grow it's customer count. It is now noted for being one of the best gold-backed retirement account providers on the market. 

The company offers different solutions including platinum, palladium, gold, bullion, and silver to name a few. It also offers foreign coins.


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The catalog of investment products provided by Monetary Gold is extensive and it is something you are going to enjoy due to everything being IRA-approved.

All of these certified-graded coins are great for your investment portfolio and will offer value as soon as they are in place.

You can dig through the different options and find what you are on the lookout for with the help of a qualified IRA specialist that is going to complete the process for you.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

A precious metals or gold IRA refers to a specialized investment vehicle designed to work similarly to a regular IRA. With the regular IRA, you would hold stocks, mutual funds, and/or bonds in it. However, with the gold IRA, you are looking at a self-directed IRA.

This is going to be used for precious metals that are in your portfolio as an investment. There are strict IRS regulations in place for self-directed IRAs and that is why it is important to be aware of the gold IRA when it comes to precious metals. 

You will often see investors talk about a precious metals IRA, which is the common term that is used instead of a gold IRA. This is a technical term that is used as it is more accurate since various metals can be held in the portfolio.

However, most people like using a gold IRA to refer to the same portfolio.

Which Metals are Approved for an IRA?

It is important to start with the minimum qualifiers when it comes to something like this. The gold will need to be at least 99.5% pure, while the silver has to be at least 99.99% pure to be placed in an IRA.

These are the investment options that are going to be available in the form of Private Proof gold, silver government bullion, gold government billion, silver coins, palladium, or platinum.

It is common for investors to have a wide array of these precious metals in their IRA accounts. 

Withdrawals from a Precious Metals IRA

As you grow older, you are going to want to think about withdrawals from the account too. The current stipulations are based on the age of 59 1/2 or above for those who want to take possession of the precious metals without paying a tax or withdrawal fees.

Anything that is done before this is going to have a 10% penalty attached to it. The only time the gold IRA can be used beforehand is if it is being used for a first-time home purchase or college tuition.

With traditional IRAs, you will have to withdraw at the age of 70 1/2 or above. This is if you want to take out the funds without paying tax on the returns. For Roth Gold IRAs, you will need to wait until 70 1/2 as well.

Steps to Open Gold IRA with Monetary Gold

When you are looking at moving forward with a gold IRA and Monetary Gold, it's important to know what the process entails. You are going to begin by looking at the storage fees and/or other fees.

This can be discussed with the IRA representative that is working with you. It is also important to figure out how the precious metals are going to be stored. Monetary Gold is known for offering a stable and reliable solution.   

You will then move on to the application phase. This is when you are going to complete the application and there will be a processing time of at least 48-72 hours depending on the account. 

Next it is time to fund the IRA. This is going to be done by transferring funds to the account using an existing IRA or 401(k). You can also look to write a check, cashier's check, or set up a wire transfer. 

The last step is going to be to buy the precious metals you are hoping to add to the gold IRA. You are going to do this by speaking to the IRA specialist that will guide you through what is approved for the account.

They will complete the purchase for you and get the transfer started.  Once the order is in, it is going to be inspected, processed, and insured.

Monetary Gold Storage

All custodial services provided by Monetary Gold go through the reputable GoldStar Trust Company. 

The storage of your precious metals will be delivered by Monetary Gold and it is going to be kept in the Delaware Depository for maximum protection. The facility has a robust set of storage options including segregated and non-segregated options.

You are also going to enjoy a fully insured solution with the help of Lloyd's of London. This is noted for being one of the premier insurance companies on the planet right now.

Delaware Depository offers international solutions too with the help of Bank of Nova Scotia (Toronto) and Via MAT International (Zurich).

How Long Does the Process Take?

The IRA department has a noteworthy relationship with Gold Star and that makes the account setup as easy as it needs to be. You can have the account ready to go within 72 hours once the application has been filed.

The rest is going to be done within two weeks. A qualified IRA specialist will help make sure things move along as fast as you want.


You are not going to have to pay a fee for the order to be placed. The cost is only going to depend on the price of the asset itself. Monetary Gold also provides up to 5 years of custodial fees to those who qualify.

There is a $30 delivery fee for physical metals such as gold and silver. The shipment is going to be fully insured and protected. This is why we believe it is not ideal to have precious metals sent to your home.

There is a storage fee for gold IRAs that is set at $100+ for $100,000 worth of gold. Anything past this is going to be charged at $1 per $1,000 of gold.

It is important to note that the minimum investment for an account is $5,000-$10,000. To break things down, the gold IRA custodial fees have a one-time charge that comes in at $50 and then you would pay $1 per $1,000 for the annual maintenance.

Diversification Protection

The reason to set up a precious metals IRA is to make sure you are spreading out the risk as much as possible. This is key when you are hoping to have a comprehensive portfolio at the time of your retirement.

This is going to save you from volatility, and you will know the precious metals market is going to remain in your favor as time goes on. 

Growth Potential

The other asset classes tend to go up and down. Precious metals are known for rising and that is due to the increasing demand that is noted for precious metals.

Gold and silver have long been known to do their own thing rather than sticking to what other asset classes are doing.

Hedge to Beat Inflation

Inflation is always a risk you are not going to want to deal with and that is why it is best to diversify how you are investing. You will want more value for your investments and that is where the precious metals are going to come in handy through your gold IRA. 

Complete Protection

When you are investing, you will want to think about the long-term. This is important as the goal is to retire the right way. Precious metals will provide peace of mind and ensure you do think about the long haul when you are investing. 

The gold-backed IRA is a great way to stay protected and make sure you are hitting your retirement goals as soon as you want to. You should not have to rely on stocks or any other asset class when this is an option that will offer a better solution to you.


The laws that are in place will make sure you do not have to report precious metal coins. This is key when you want to avoid government supervision of your gold. You are also going to be exempt from potential government recalls. This is why it makes a great asset class to pass down from generation to generation too. 


Gold has long been noted as being one of the best assets for those who want to maintain true wealth. It is something that has managed to do well over generations. The same goes for silver and other precious metals.

You will also enjoy this being easy to liquidate through Monetary Gold or other exchanges throughout the day.

Future Protection

Gold has always had value and it is something that has been appreciated as a signifier of wealth among different civilizations. This is something that has managed to do well while fiat currencies have not.

It has done well in financial crises, deflationary moments, recessions, and more. You will feel confident with this solution due to how it does when the economy is not booming.

This is the real value of an asset class such as this as future protection is a must when things are not as settled as they should be.

This is noted as being a haven for those who want to invest. This also includes banks and other institutions that want to diversify their risk as much as possible.

When banks struggle and debts rise, it is this asset class that tends to retain its value. This is why more and more people look into this asset class as a way forward and one that is more reliable than others.

Is Monetary Gold a Scam?

No, Monetary Gold is not a scam it is a decent company and is an accredited IRA provider.

The service has been well-reviewed over the years and is also appreciated by third-party sites. The service has an A+ rating through Better Business Bureau. 


In the end, Monetary Gold was set up in 2000 and has become an acclimated option for those who want to set up a gold IRA. it is one of the finest ways to gain access to gold and silver bullion coins while building a strong investment option for your future.

You are going to get certified-graded coins and they will be set at the right rate.  The custodial services are also world-class due to the help of GoldStar Trust Company and the Delaware Depository.

Monetary Gold is an ok company, but we do not recommend them.  They are not the best option for individual purchases of gold and silver and certainly not the best option for investors that are looking to protect their wealth from inflation with a precious metals IRA.

There are much better options that we recommend on this website.

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