Noble Gold Investments Review

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If you are an investor with an interest in the precious metals industry, then there’s no doubt that you have heard about Noble Gold Investment.

They are considered one of the top providers of gold IRA plans, silver, and gold IRA accounts, Reverse Rollovers, and other forms of precious metals investment.

The main objective of Noble Gold Investment is to help customers better protect their wealth by investing in physical gold and other precious metals.

The company offers plenty of educational material for individuals who are getting started with precious metals investment. There are many benefits to investing with this company.

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Noble Gold Company Info

Noble Gold Group launched its operations more than two decades ago. Its physical offices are located in Pasadena, California.

The founders of Noble Gold Investment, Collin and Thorngren Plume launched the company with the objective of an alternative investment platform to the public.

Both of them have more than 20 years of experience in trading gold.

Plume is the current head of Noble Gold Investment. Under his reign, Plume has helped many customers diversify their investment portfolios by purchasing gold and silver. His experience in the precious metals industry has played a big role in transforming the fortunes of the company.

The company specializes in the buying and selling of different types of precious metals to its clients. According to the information found on its website, the goal of the company is to give customers a safe and simple way of buying precious metals.

Noble Gold CEO

Collin Plume is the Chief Executive Officer of Noble Group Investment. His focus has always been to protect the wealth of his customers and offer appropriate advice as far as asset management is concerned.

Plus, he has more than 15 years of experience in commercial real estate, precious metals investment, and property insurance.

He developed a passion for the monetary protection of customers when offering insurance for industrial properties.

Noble Gold Products and Services

Noble Gold Investment offers a wide variety of products to its clients. Below are some of the most popular products and services:

  • Gold

Gold is one of the most preferred precious metals by investors. This is probably because of the kind of protection it offers to customers.

The American gold eagle is a legally accepted gold bullion in the United States. It was first introduced in 1986 by the US Mint.

  • Silver

Silver is another great precious metal you can purchase from Noble Gold Investment. It is a great way of preserving your wealth in this era of political instability.

The price of silver depends on the amount you would like to buy. The price is also determined by its fineness and purity. All you have to do is place an order according to your budget.

  • Platinum

Platinum is another precious metal sold by Noble Gold Investment. It is one of the rarest precious metals you can find.

The American platinum eagle is the lawful platinum bullion coin in the US. Its price is determined by several factors like current market prices, quality, and weight among others.

  • Palladium

Palladium Maple leaf has been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 2005. It consists of 99.95 percent pure palladium.

What is a Gold Individual Retirement Account?

A gold IRA gives a person an opportunity to invest in physical gold as a way of protecting their wealth against inflation. 

This is because the prices of gold are not usually affected by external factors such as inflation and political instability. It also allows you to defer your tax payments or avoid tax capital gains.

The other good thing about a gold IRA is that they make it easy for you to diversify your wealth. You can decide to sell your physical gold any time and invest that money elsewhere. It gives you the confidence that you will still have your physical gold even when the economy crushes.

Silver IRA

A silver IRA allows one to invest in physical silver to protect his or her wealth from inflation and other external factors. One of the biggest advantages of silver IRA is that a person is only taxed on the gains made on your precious metals when they are sold.

This means that you won’t have to pay tax on the contributions towards your silver IRA.

IRA-Approved Precious Metals

As an investor, there are many coins you can purchase for your gold IRA from Noble Gold Investment. The Internal Revenue Service allows from one ounce to a tenth-ounce gold to be bought by customers.

1. America Gold Eagle Coins

This is available in ½ oz, 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, and 1 oz. The American gold eagle is approved gold bullion by the United States. The coin was first introduced to the market in 1986.

2. American Gold Eagle Proof Coins

This is also another popular IRA-approved precious metal. It is available in different quantities and qualities. It is upon an investor to decide how much they want to purchase as long as they are within the amounts recommended by the Internal Service Revenue.

3. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

They are available in 1/2, ¼, and 1 oz. The Canadian gold maple leaf is an IRA-approved precious metal approved by the Royal Canadian Mint. You can decide on the size you want before initiating the buying process.

Minimum Investment Amount?

The minimum amount you can invest with Noble Gold Investment is $2,000 for precious metal IRAs. But most customers go for gold IRA funding that begins from $5,000. Many people choose to invest in gold IRA because of its stability.

It is not like the stock market or real estate investment that can easily be crushed by inflation or geopolitical wars. Besides, investing in gold IRAs gives you a chance to diversify your investment portfolio across different sectors.

You can decide to sell your physical gold anytime you want and invest in any other place you want.


You will not be charged for setting up a gold IRA account with Noble Gold Investment. However, there are administration fees of $80 that customers are required to pay annually.

Customers are also supposed to pay between $150 to $225 annual storage fees. The amount depends on the type of metals you own as well as the preferred depository.  

As a Noble Gold customer, there are three major facilities where you can decide your gold IRA investment to be stored.

This includes Toronto, Texas, News Castle, and Delaware. You will be charged differently on each of these storage facilities. That’s why you should find out about their charges before choosing one.

Storage Facilities

It is not just enough to purchase gold or silver. You must ensure that they are kept in a safe and secure place.

Noble Gold Investment works in conjunction with some storage facilities in the country to guarantee the security of your physical gold.

There are many reasons why you should pay close attention to a storage facility. The first one is safety.

Precious metals are valuable, and you do not want to keep them in a place where you are not sure about their security. 

The other reason is for easy access. Have your precious metals stored in a facility that you can easily access.

Texas is one of the states where Noble Gold stores its precious metals. This is because the state doesn’t dictate the storage facilities where customers should store their gold, silver or other precious metals.

You can comfortably store your precious metals in any of the IRS-approved storage facilities and have peace of mind.

Another advantage of storing your gold or silver in Texas is that the state has strict laws concerning the protection of wealth. No one can interfere with your precious metals once you have purchased them.

How to Start Investing with Noble Gold

It is very simple to start investing with Noble Gold Investment. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open an account: There’s an account manager to take you through the application process. Once you have opened your account, you will be connected with a precious metals IRA custodian.
  • Sign transfer document: The Company does the heavy lifting by arranging the transfer of funds for all customers. Noble Gold Investment works hand in hand with your precious metals custodian to roll over assets from 401(k) to your Noble Gold account.
  • Purchase your precious metals: After buying your precious metals, the company will ship them to your preferred depository. They will also send you proof that your package has arrived safely at the desired destination.

Noble Gold Invest has proved to be a leader in the precious metals industry. Many customers have benefited from the many services and products offered by the company. Noble Gold specializes in different types of precious metals.

The founders of the company had a vision of helping customers protect or preserve their wealth through physical gold and silver.

Noble Gold Investment has a host of experienced experts in precious metals. They also have a user-friendly website filled with a lot of educational material. This means anyone who is getting started with precious metals can learn before starting to invest.

The company offers a wide range of precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. It is upon you to choose one that best suits your investment needs. Besides, starting to invest with Noble Gold is simple.

It takes a few minutes to open an account. Once your account is ready, one of their representatives will take you through different precious metals and help you make the right decision.

After buying your precious metals, you have a right to choose who will keep them or you. Noble Gold Investment works with several precious metal custodians. They will advise you on the best storage facility to store your gold or silver.

Why Invest in Gold?

There are many reasons why you should invest in Gold. Below are some of the reasons:

  • It is a durable and tangible asset

Gold is tangible and durable. It is immune to external factors such as currency debasement, inflation, and political instabilities.

  • It is in high demand

Gold is used in many vital industries today. This includes phones, data servers, and computers among others. It is also used in dentistry, cancer, and oxygen on Mars. Gold is also used in various medical devices. In other words, the demand for gold is very high.

  • Diversification

As an investor, you would not want to put all your investments in one basket. Gold allows you to diversify your investment portfolio through gold IRAs.

  • Gold is scarce

Unlike other forms of investments, gold is very scarce. That’s’ why its prices are always on the rise. You stand to make profits by purchasing gold and selling it a few years later.

Investor Education

What is the best way to invest in gold using a 401K account?

The best way to purchase physical silver or gold using a 401K account is to roll over your 401K into a silver or gold IRA. This gives you more control over your retirement savings.

Should you go for an SDIRA?

Many people tend to ignore SDIRA or IRA because of the hectic transfer process of rolling 401k into a self-directed account. But with Noble Gold Investment, your work is made easier.

Pros and Cons of Noble Gold Investment


  • A wide range of precious metals
  • Easy to get started
  • No set-up fees
  • Reliable customer support


  • The minimum investment amount is a bit high
  • Annual fees are relatively expensive

In a nutshell, Noble Gold Investment has proved to be a trusted and reliable precious metals dealer. The company has a wide range of products and services designed to help customers grow and protect their wealth.


Noble Gold is an ok company, but they are not the best if you want to make cash purchases of precious metals, and certainly not the best if you want to rollover a 401k or IRA, like other websites we have written about.

There are much better options.

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