OneGold Review

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OneGold is a precious metals company, that provides an online platform where investors can participate in the market.

The company began after two established companies merged their resources, market intelligence, and professional expertise to help customers invest in their digital and physical metal products.

The company has already made a big name for itself in the industry. However, we have prepared this brief review to show you the information you need to know about OneGold.

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What Exactly is OneGold?

onegold homepage

OneGold focuses on offering digital assets secured by precious metals through its online platform. Their customer service approach is unique, offering customer-tailored precious metals investment solutions.

They allow all investors to transact with them 24/7. Investors can opt to buy the products immediately or before financing. To transact with the company, investors are expected to create an account with them first.

We recommend that you browse through their products, services, fees, and processes before committing your money.

Best practice demands that you have sufficient information before going all in on OneGold products. However, customer reviews on their website only reaffirm the confidence clients find in the company.

They offer various deals for investors wanting to invest in gold, silver, or platinum.

Who are the Owners of OneGold?

OneGold was formed after two companies, AMPEX and Sprott, combined to form one entity. The three companies have been brought together by their shared goal of revolutionizing how we invest in and own precious metals.

Ideally, they are the real owners of OneGold Company, and they are doing a good job.


The Ampex company was formed in 1999 by Scott Thomas, and the company’s headquarters are based in Oklahoma City. Since it began its work, the company has focused on a wide range of online products, amassing lifetime revenues of $ 10 billion.

Ampex has a client base of 1.5 million thanks to its key focus of delivering outstanding customer service to satisfy its clients.

  • Sprott

Sprott was formed in 1981 by Eric Sprott and began offering investment services in real estate and precious metals. The company has built an asset base of $7 billion and a client base of 200,000 investors in different parts of the globe.

Sprott has set up subsidiary companies operating in the US, Canada, and Asian markets. The goal of the company is to provide opportunities for the private investment of private capital and alternative asset management services.

How Does the Company Work?

Interested investors must begin by creating an account for the transactions. It is a free process that only requires a couple of minutes. Once the account is ready, you can start going through the list of products on offer.

Investors can opt for gold, silver, or platinum and choose their preferred secure vault to store their assets. Next, we have to worry about buying or pre-funding.

Buying means, the investor locks in their order at an existing spot price. On the other hand, pre-funding allows the investor to send their money directly to the OneGold Cash balance.

Upon completing all the necessary processes, the investor can now redeem, withdraw, or sell off their holdings whenever they want. With more than 20,000 physical assets to select from, AMPEX offers investors plenty of opportunities to redeem their holdings.

You are allowed to withdraw your money from the cash balance at the payment source if you wish to get out of the scheme for whatever reason.

OneGold's Products & Services

The assets sold by the company are gold, silver, and platinum products. The precious assets are stored safely in U.S. vaults approved by COMEX, Loomis International, or AMPEX.

Each of the asset products is completely insured against loss or fraud by Lloyd’s of London.

The digital assets sold online are secured by physical, investment-grade gold, platinum, and silver metals. All these assets come with varying buying, selling, and storage fees.

The company assists investors to determine the storage fee according to the value of assets held in an investor’s vault.

However, please note that investors based in Switzerland, Canada, and the UK working with OneGold can only trade in gold and silver precious metals.

OneGold company will assist you to manage, buy or sell your digital assets while the real products are physically segregated.

Precious Metals IRAs

OneGold enables investors to manage risk in their retirement assets through self-directed IRAs.

Investors have entrusted the company with their retirement funds because of its insistence on relying on inventory audits, trusted partners, and secure vaults for professional services.

Similar to 401(k) and traditional IRAs, the goal of OneGold’s self-directed account is to support investors' desire to increase their assets with compound interest while taking advantage of the account’s tax advantages.

In addition, the investor retains control over their IRA, meaning they can build the portfolio they like.

OneGold offers numerous investment alternatives. However, as custodians, they are mainly focused on providing superior safety and pricing benefits to investors.

The company offers secure storage facilities for precious metals that include palladium, gold, platinum, and silver, as defined by the IRS. OneGold’s IRA is a worthwhile opportunity to grow your retirement assets and secure your financial plans for the future.

If you are interested, you must contact them and request the necessary information to get started. Then, open an account and begin investing right away.

How a Gold IRA Works

An IRA has grown in popularity by enabling individuals to save money for their retirement life. IRAs come in various types; however, self-directed IRAs are the more preferred because they give the account holder maximum control to transact.

Instead of investing in conventional assets only, we advise investors to try out other markets as well.

Other assets that you can include in your portfolio are precious metals, real estate, and tax liens. OneGold has the added advantage, as it incorporates investors willing to venture into the market for IRAs.

However, it helps to know the specific rules for each industry before you invest your money.

For instance, many investors unknowingly fall victim to withdrawal penalties if they request their money before they reach the age of 59.5 years. In addition, you are not allowed to open a precious metal IRA without working with a custodian, as this is against the law.

OneGold provides a list of its custodians to its clients, all of whom meet the standards required for quality and reliable services. You are allowed to study and call each one of them to see how they can help you with precious metal investments.

Inventory Audits for Investors

info about onegold's audit

One of the best ways to reassure investors’ confidence is through a detailed study of the company’s inventory. OneGold collaborates with vaulting partners that prepare and issue monthly inventory reports.

The audit focuses on the intricate details of the precious metal assets owned by the investor and secured in safe vaults.

Investors receive inventory reports for Switzerland, Canada, the UK, and the US. All the reports are in public records and can be accessed and read in detail from the company’s official website. OneGold maintains its insurance contracts every year.

They also engage in third-party verification to keep their services ahead of the market. The verification may include physical counting of the assets and occurs two times a year.

For added guarantee, the company provides for daily reconciliation of the investor’s bank balance accounts and the physical metal stored in a vault.

Fees for Precious Metals Storage

The least storage fee you could pay is $ 5 per quarter. The storage rate per year for gold, silver, and platinum is 0.12%, 0.30%, and 0.30%, respectively.

The storage fee is paid every quarter and is calculated by multiplying the average daily value of your assets by the storage rate of the precious metal involved.

Once you have begun, you must calculate the precise storage fee for your assets. Luckily, the company provides the necessary tools on its website to help you with this calculation.

OneGold’s Smartphone App

To make it easier to access their services from anywhere or anytime, OneGold allows its investors access to their accounts using the OneGold mobile app.

The mobile app is also extremely helpful for monitoring prices and affecting transactions from anywhere at any time.

In addition, investors use the application to manage their precious metals portfolios. The management tools in the app enable you to keep track of the performance of your portfolio and provide the required data to help you make the right decisions.

Simply put, it helps you know the right time to take on more assets and when to sell them.

The use of the app can be customized to show alerts for when prices of the precious metals' assets attain the desired levels. When the prices have attained the desired levels, you can invest in the precious metals beyond the market hours.

It provides the existing spot prices whenever you need them to help your stay alert to new opportunities in the market for gold, platinum, and silver products.

In addition, it explains why the market moves in certain ways, so you always know why you are investing in a certain way.

OneGold's AutoInvest Feature

example of how autoinvest works

Another unique feature of the OneGold app is enabling investors to auto invest. Instead of having to keep track of all the occurrences, you can automate the orders to buy/sell the physical precious metals, which is like setting the account for autopilot.

It has proved to be a useful tool, helping many investors grow their metal-backed savings accounts.

You are allowed to limit the automation for a certain time, i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The orders can be automated in various ways, including by altering the terms of metal ounces or the dollar amount, provided it fits your financial needs.

Physical Redemption of Your Precious Metals

Redeeming the physical assets in OneGold vault holdings entitles the investor to receive physical products. This transaction can be completed on the company’s mobile app.

The app also shows the different types of AMPEX physical products available to investors after redemption is complete.

Investors are allowed to choose the physical product that suits their financial goal and take it in exchange for their holdings. Immediately, AMPEX sends the redeemed physical product over to the customer.

Investors can choose to convert their holdings into cash or physical precious metals, whichever is the right option for them.

If you do not want either of the options provided, get in touch with OneGold; they have other product options they can include from AMPEX's diverse catalog.

The Benefits of Investing in Gold

Gold has long been considered a safe haven and the best stabilizer to use in an IRA portfolio. You can use it to secure income from other assets because its price normally increases as the value of other investments falls.

For this reason, gold has been used as a store of value for the past thousands of years.

Gold as an investment is not prone to inflation risks and is therefore more stable than most paper assets like stocks. During times of an economic boom, the value of gold may not rise as quickly as other investment options, but it is more stable in the long run.

The price stability of gold is another major reason for investing in gold. Historical data going centuries back shows the price of gold has remained stable and resisted decline even in times of economic crisis.

Indeed, it is one of the most practical investments compared to most asset options in the conventional economy.

Investors can convert their investment in OneGold Company and receive physical gold anytime they want. It is important to note when investing in an IRA.

A Beginner's Guide to Investing in Gold

Gold is a naturally occurring resource, which sets it apart from most man-made assets. Its beauty and chemical structure are like no other asset. When starting, it is important to know that the main demand for gold is from the jewelry and beauty industries.

The link between the demand and supply of gold in the market decides the spot price. Before only the wealthiest individuals could invest in gold, however, anyone can now buy gold and earn a good return.

If you want to buy physical gold, always source it from a reputable supplier/retailer. The long history, innate value, and zero risk of default make gold a valuable investment opportunity.

Pros and Cons of OneGold


  • They give a ton of information to new investors
  • The investor can transact with them 24/7
  • They offer many physical products when investors need to redeem their holdings
  • OneGold has been formed by the merging of two reputable companies with long term experience in the precious metals industry


  • The customer service when resolving account problems is not the most ideal
  • The minimum investment is too high for some investors

Customer Reviews

Many times, account owners use recent and old reviews to assess how a company operates. The reviews say a lot about the company responds to customer queries and determines if they are worthy professional partners or not.

OneGold has received many multiple positive reviews on BBB and other reliable sources. This means that most of the reviewers are satisfied with the investment options, products, and services offered by the company.

On its website, OneGold has posted a few customer reviews; however, it is always helpful to seek similar information on different online platforms.

We note there are some complaints about the company’s account management style. According to these reviews, the customers struggled to get help, having to wait for hours.


OneGold was formed after two precious metal companies with long-standing experience merged resources. They mainly deal in silver, platinum, and gold products.

They have been working in the industry for many years with a key focus on improving how individuals invest in precious metals.

The company has not received any major complaints, which is a big positive. Their products and services will benefit investors who want to diversify their portfolios. If interested in working with them? Call them today for a consultation.

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