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Are you looking to find an investment opportunity that delivers you more security and peace of mind? You may want to check out Priority Gold.

This review will be going over some of the important stuff to know about investing with Priority Gold.

Through this article, you will learn some of the advantages and disadvantages of the investment product and you will be able to make a well-informed decision as to whether or not it's right for you.

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About Priority Gold

priority gold homepage

This company has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. They also have an office in Sherman Oaks, CA. Priority Gold offers its clients the opportunity to invest in precious metals. These investment opportunities are not only reliable, but they are both secure and convenient.

The company says it's dedicated to helping customers make better and more cost-effective purchases of precious metals. Likewise, they have experts helping curate precious metal portfolios to help clients reach their financial objectives.

The company does note that they offer free storage to its clients for eligible IRA accounts. It also offers an easy purchasing process for gold and a convenient and accessible IRA transfer.

The company claims that it delivers exceptional customer service. Along with this, you get full transparency and employees that adhere to the highest standards of ethics.

Priority Gold can be found very active across various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Priority Gold Services

By working with Priority Gold you have the chance to invest some of your retirement savings in precious metals in a safe manner. This is typically not something you have the option for with traditional IRAs run by brokerage firms.

You get the chance to invest in precious metals which can help you hedge against inflation. Precious metals have traditionally been used as physical assets to hedge against inflation which can help in troubling times.

Likewise, investing in precious metals can help you better diversify your portfolio which helps mitigate losses from a stock market crash.

With Priority Gold, you get access to a comprehensive and well-laid-out strategy by their professional advisors. You get put on a path based on your short and long-term financial goals.

You can also get help with funding a new precious metals IRA account by utilizing your existing one and converting it. You also get help identifying some of the best investment opportunities in the precious metals space. 

The company claims all of its employees are experts and extremely knowledgeable in the precious metals space. They are trained in investing in precious metals, and they keep up regularly with market trends and changes in demand.

Priority Gold also claims to have some of the most competitive pricing in the marketplace and they tailor their pricing to ensure they can meet the demands of any investor.

Priority Gold Products

a silver coin, silver bar, and two gold coins

You can choose from a wide range of different gold and silver coins in the catalog. A lot of the more trendy coins that you can hold in this type of IRA are readily available in inventory.

You will find some of the more popular coins available including the Gold American Buffalo, the Gold Canadian Arctic Fox, the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, and more.

You won't find any platinum products in the portfolio, however.

How Can You Buy Gold?

You can purchase all kinds of gold from different precious metals dealers in the form of coins and solid bars. You can choose from different options to fund your account. You can:

1. Purchase silver or gold directly with currency from a dealer like Priority Gold.

2. Rollover or transfer your existing IRA into a Precious Metals IRA.

If you want to get involved with investing in precious metals like gold or silver, you're going to want to go with a company like Priority Gold. They make it incredibly easy to get started and to buy physical gold.

Rollover Your Traditional IRA

This can make it even easier to get started on diversifying your portfolio and hedging against inflation. You can take your existing IRA or 401(k) plan and roll it over to a Precious Metals IRA. 

This can help you get the same kind of profits that you would get from buying the metals directly. However, you get to continue to receive all of the benefits that come with having a retirement account.

Priority Gold's Recommended IRA Custodian

Priority Gold notes that they are proud to partner with such a reputable operation as Preferred Trust Company to offer admin and custodial services for clients that have precious metal IRAs with them.

The company was founded in 2007. They are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Preferred Trust Company is a specialized and licensed Retail Trust company that helps with self-directed IRAs.

You get access to the professional team over at Preferred Trust who are trained to deliver personalized services to every client. They are fully in line with all of the rules and regulations set forth by the IRS because they are a financial institution.

With Priority Gold, you get access to the Preferred Trust Company as they help to facilitate long-term objectives and goals.

Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Unfortunately, life isn't always as predictable as you might like. A lot of the time, you will find yourself in situations that you might not want to be in. The economy doesn't go up in a straight line. Because of this, you need to be adequately prepared.

The best way to do this is by diversifying. The first thing that happens when inflation skyrockets and rates go up is the stock market goes down. You don't want all of your eggs in the same basket that is crashing and burning. 

There is a lot of historical data that suggests that precious metals' price goes up as the market declines. This is because investors start flocking to safety nets and tangible assets. Gold continues to remain strong because it's used as a store of value.

The reputation of gold being a haven isn't likely to end anytime soon.

Because of this, you can count on gold and other physical metals like silver as a good way to hedge against a stock market collapse.

As long as you have these precious metals in hand, you can use them as currency, and they will hold their value much more than pieces of paper. This is true even if the economy collapsed tomorrow.

The price of gold isn't as volatile as assets like stocks or bonds. This means that you have something that is much more stable and that fluctuates much less in times of uncertainty. This delivers you, as the investor, much more security than other investment options.

This is typically one of the main reasons why so many investors purchase precious metals. Even when there is a sudden drop in gold prices, it always rebounds within a couple of days or so.

Gold has continued and will continue to climb to new highs, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Reasons to Buy Physical Precious Metals

There are plenty of different reasons you should buy some physical gold. You want to have a tangible asset in your portfolio. Here are some of the main reasons that should have you running out to get precious metals right now.

  • Gold has been and will continue to be one of the best ways to store wealth. It continues to be used for purchasing power.
  • Gold has been one of the steadiest investments since the early 1900s. You can look at the steady decline in the value of paper money and compare it to precious metals and it's no competition.
  • Investors of gold end up seeing their portfolios climb when the stock market is tumbling.
  • There is a finite supply of gold. There is also high demand to go with that finite supply.
  • You cannot make more gold. You can only mine it.
  • You don't have any counterparty risks with gold.
  • It's not subject to manipulation like the stock market or paper currency like the Central Bank or Government.
  • Gold continues to maintain its value extremely well even as other assets tumble in value.
  • The price of gold continues to go up over the long run making it a good long-term investment.
  • It can provide you with retirement protection.

There is a lot to like about investing in precious metals. The amount of uncertainty in the global economy has made precious metals investing one of the best options available.

Not only does it help you diversify your portfolio, but it can help you protect your retirement savings as well as possible against a severe economic downturn. You can transfer your traditional retirement account into a self-directed precious metals IRA.

When you do so, you will have:

- Better retirement security in times of uncertainty
- IRS tax exemption on various precious metal purchases that qualify
- Physical and tangible assets
- Complete control over your investment

Your traditional retirement account only holds paper assets. These are much more volatile assets. Whereas a precious metals IRA will hold tangible assets. You cannot trust numbers on a screen. You can however trust assets that you can hold in your hand.

Sell Your Metals

You need to have liquidity when you are investing in anything. Liquidity is very important. After all, what good is an investment if you can't cash out when you need or want to? Luckily, there is no worrying about liquidity when it comes to cashing out your precious metals investment. There has been and will continue to be a burgeoning market for precious metals. After all, there is a fixed supply and increasing demand.

Clients of Priority Gold will continue to receive various options when it comes to selling any or all of your portfolio.

  • 1. Open Market Sale

You can get the highest open market price by selling it yourself. This means you have complete control over the price you are willing to sell your assets at. This can give you the maximum return possible.

It does require you to manually do it. Therefore, it's time-consuming.

  • 2. Consignment Sale

This is where you can hand the reigns to Priority Gold to do the selling for you. They will not only get your metals to the front of the line, but they will sell them at the current market asking price minus 15% commission.

This is the best method for those who want to get a fair price, but who also don't want to spend the time doing it themselves. Priority Gold makes it incredibly easy to sell your precious metals for a competitive price.

  • 3. Immediate Liquidation Sale

You could also opt for this type of sale which will give you immediate liquidity. This is typically a good option for bullion metals. However, it can be used for other types of metals. Priority Gold will purchase your metals at the bid price.

If anyone wants to get rid of their metals quickly, this is a good way to do it with no commissions charged.

The majority of bullion metal products end up getting sold using this method because Priority Gold gives the same price the client would get using all of the other options.


  • They've been in business since 2001 and have garnered a very good reputation in the marketplace.
  • You'll be given all of the information you need to make well-informed investment decisions
  • You can contact the support team if you ever have questions or need help


  • The majority of the metal they have are in coins. They do have some bars, but those who want to invest in precious metals may want more options.
  • They don't have a live chat option on their site.

Is It Priority Gold a Scam?

No. Priority Gold is not only accredited by the BBB, but they have an outstanding reputation online and they have excellent products and services.


With Priority Gold, you have a company that is dedicated and committed to selling gold and silver to those looking to invest in precious metals. You have plenty of IRA-approved coins and other metals to choose from.

They use Preferred Trust as their custodian. Any client will need to contact Priority Gold directly to get answers to pricing questions.

Priority Gold is not a scam, they are an ok company, but they are not the best option for cash purchases of gold and certainly not the best option for investors that want to protect their savings with a gold IRA, like other companies we a written about.

There are much better precious metals companies to work with that we recommend.

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