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USAGold is a precious metal investment firm that started in 1973 in Denver, Colorado. The company offers a range of gold and silver bullion, historic U.S. gold coins, and collectible and historic fractional U.S. gold coins for IRAs. 

The company partnered with Delaware Depository to provide secure storage. It also works with Equity Trust Company in providing custodial services.

Currently, the company does not offer products in palladium and platinum.

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USAGold Company Background

usagold homepage

USAGold  specializes in providing gold and silver investment options. They provide a vast selection of IRA coins and bullions, including collectible and historic U.S. coin options.

The company started its investment business in precious metals in Denver, Colorado nearly 50 years ago.

Their wide range of options includes gold and silver bullion coins and bars, historic U.S. coins, and historic fractional gold coins. Currently, there are no offerings in platinum and palladium.

The company's website has information on some of its most popular coins that can be purchased for IRAs.

The strength of this company lies in the high-quality content of its website. It is devoted to instructing customers on gold and silver investments.

The website has a section on "Gold News" which includes a daily update on the market, the latest news concerning the centennial precious metals, and more.

In addition, investors can sign up for a free monthly newsletter that provides more content relating to precious metal investing.

The Website

The company website has a vast amount of information designed to educate the investor. A "How To" section has charts, data, and other details on how to get started. The drawback of this content is that the formatting is not done well. 

For the high-quality content that it has been providing to clients over the past decades, the formatting is difficult to read. Despite the lack of good formatting, the company does provide excellent expertise in the gold industry.

They have yearly revenue of millions of dollars from trading in silver and gold.

Buying from USAGold

how to purchase page on website

Clients can make trades in precious metals by contacting the company's order desk. When you secure your order by phone, you will get an invoice via email for the request.

You can also make your request online through the company's order desk on the website.

This allows you to select from a range of products such as gold and silver coins, bullions, historic fractional American gold coins, and historic American gold coins. Payment is accepted via wire or by personal check.

Selling Precious Metals to USAGold

For those who wish to sell their precious metal holdings, USAGold  will offer rates that are competitive with a fast payout. Clients can make this request by initiating it through the order desk. 

Seven days after the company receives the order, payment is sent. There is a minimum that the seller must meet. For silver, the minimum is 1000 troy ounces. For gold, the minimum is 20 troy ounces. USAGold  can also help you liquidate your gold IRA account.

IRA Rollovers

stack of coins with a clock

For IRA rollovers, you can work with USAGold to arrange for secure storage of your assets. This is a valuable service because it saves you the effort and money of trying to find the right secure storage on your own. 

This also assures you that the precious metal from USAGold is eligible for IRAs.

USAGold can help its customers set up their gold IRA accounts. Investors can roll over their 401ks and other retirement accounts from established companies. Your investment plan must first have a trustee.

USAGold is connected to a network of trustees and can assist you in selecting one from their network when you set up your self-directed IRA with them.

The company's website has a lot of information to help new investors get started in buying precious metals for their IRA rollover. Clients have access to high-quality information with prices and live updates on stats.

USAGold Storage and Custodians

USAGold has an agreement with Equity Trust Company which will provide IRA custodial services.

The company has partnered with Delaware Depository in providing secure storage of assets. Customers can choose from depositories in the U.S. or international locations.

The most advanced vault storage facilities are located in Wilmington, Delaware, and Seal Beach, California. For the locations abroad, storage facilities are available from Via MAT International in Zurich, Switzerland, and the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, Canada.

The depositories are insured by Lloyd's of London. Both segregated and non-segregated storage are available.

Customer Reviews

For the last 15 years, USAGold has earned a gold star from the Better Business Bureau for its excellent customer service. There are no complaints filed against the company on the BBB.

The company has no reviews listed on sites such as Yelp, SiteJabber, Trust Link, and BCA, which is rather uncommon.

The reviews on BBB are mainly positive. Investors expressed their delight in the vast amount of helpful information provided on the company website.

When used with market insight, clients can make informed decisions and can enjoy a level of transparency in their transactions.

On top of this, clients are impressed by the company's attention to customer service. The company enables a client to be assisted by the same support staff for each request until the request is done. Clients like this consistency.


Is it better to invest in gold bullions or gold coins? 

The answer is fairly simple. If you plan to take possession of your gold investment, then buying gold coins would be the better choice. Gold bullions generally require authentication by an independent service before you can liquidate your holdings.

However, coins can be traded without this requirement. The "bullion coin" came on the market as a way to provide competitive pricing to bullion bars.

Which gold coins are right for me to purchase? 

That is determined by your objective. Ask yourself why you want to buy gold. If you just want a way to hedge against an unstable financial market or to take advantage of price movements, then modern bullion coins would meet your needs.

If you want to buy gold as a safety net and to preserve your capital, then the historic bullion coin will give you more benefits relating to liquidity and privacy. These include coins minted before 1933.

They trade at reasonable premiums from the gold spot price, and they follow the gold price. They are widely accepted around the world.

When is an ideal time to invest in gold? 

The best time is when you need it. Think of gold as insurance for your wealth. It is not subject to timing in the way that affects investments in stocks or real estate. Timing is not relevant with gold.

The more important question to ask is whether you need to possess gold. If your answer is yes, then there is no reason to wait for more favorable conditions or prices because these might never happen. You can apply a cost averaging strategy.

The key is diversification, so your portfolio is not greatly impacted by economic fluctuations and uncertainties. Diversification cushions your investments against events like the financial crisis of 2008 or the current economic crisis relating to the pandemic.

What about investors with a high net worth? 

Historically, wealthy families in Asia and Europe have a portion of their assets in gold as a way to preserve their wealth. In the United States, over the past years, the traditional approach to long-term investing has changed significantly.

Americans are seeing the benefits of investing in gold as a way to preserve their wealth, for their current needs as well as for future generations of their families.

Portfolio managers are encouraging more and more families to include gold bullions and gold coins in their family trusts. In fact, after China and India, the United States has the third largest consumer market in gold.

Resources and News About Gold

Whether you are a seasoned investor in gold or a novice who is just starting in exploring gold as an investment option, you can take advantage of the Gold News section on the website of

This section is full of useful information including daily market updates, live prices on precious metals, blogs and opinions from investment experts, and the company's monthly newsletter.

You can also track the daily prices of gold and silver on the charts and graphs that display the historical prices of these precious metals.

Is USAGold a Scam?

We can say with certainty that USAGold is a real and trustworthy company. It is not a scam. This company started nearly five decades ago.

If this company was fraudulent, it would not have existed for this long. Its company website is the main stop in making its services available.

So, the company is legitimate and reliable, but they're still one last question: is this company the best way to establish a gold or silver IRA or to invest in precious metals?

Based on the lack of reviews on the review websites, one cannot say for certain if this company will provide excellent service. A lack of reviews is not an indication that the business is questionable.

However, there are just not enough unbiased reviews out there to help a potential investor make a confident decision about this company. Other gold investment firms have a lot of reviews, so investors might be more comfortable considering those.


  • Vault storage is provided by the famous Delaware Depository
  • Custodial services are provided by Equity Trust Company
  • Popular gold and silver coins are available from the company for IRAs


  • There are no products in palladium or platinum in the current offerings
  • Compared to other dealers in precious metal, their catalog of products is rather limited


Many investment companies deal with precious metals. Only a handful provide high-quality information, reliable service, and industry expertise. When choosing a dealer for your precious metal IRA, you have to consider all factors.

USAGold's website is rich in helpful information that investors can benefit from. They also provide their clients with a wide range of investment services at one stop, which is a convenience that clients can appreciate.

USAGold is not a scam, they are a reputable company, but we do not recommend them. They are not the best for cash purchases of gold and certainly not the best option for investors looking to protect their wealth with a gold IRA, there are much better options.

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